What is CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center and where does the name CURA come from?

At CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center we encourage our clients to be an active participant in their treatment and health care.

Let's start with some history of the word CURA:

  1. The word CURE comes from the Latin CURA meaning care, concern or attention. The current use of the word cure is believed to reflect the belief that the right "care,concern and attention were tantamount to a cure".
  2. And then there is the English word, CURE, the holy grail of medicine. It is derived from the Latin, CURA, meaning to care or to be concerned.
  3. Cura - (Latin) meaning: management, administration, care, concern, charge.
  4. Cura - (Latin) thoughtfulness.
  5. Cura - (In Roman mythology) `Cura` was the goddess who created humans from clay.
  6. Etymology: Middle English cure "care of souls", from early French cure (same meaning), from Latin cura "spiritual charge of souls," from earlier cura "care, healing" --related to ACCURATE, CURATE, CURIOUS, SECURE

Based on the above definitions we feel that the answer to the question:
"What is CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center?" is:

CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center is a place where we genuinely care for your well being while thinking of the best possible holistic way to manage your daily stress and life circumstances.We use bodywork and massage therapy techniques to re-shape and re-mold your physical, emotional and spiritual body into what is meant to be.
Teofil Nikolov (c)

Our Holistic Massage Therapy encompasses approach to wellness that addresses the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of the individual. We emphasize the importance of the “whole” and the interdependence of its parts.(c)

The body, mind and spirit are not independent of one another, they are intertwined. When one is affected, the others are affected as well. (c)

Our focus is on improving physical, mental and spiritual health issues through Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Lifestyle changes and Environmental toxins awareness.(c)

At CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center we promote balance and harmony for the individual, society and the planet.

While we know how to Pamper You and provide Many "Spa" type treatments, CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center is Not a Spa!- We are so much more than a Spa!
A Boutique Practice where Sports Injuries are addressed and Medical Massage performed, a place where you can truly Feel the benefits of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; a place where the East and West, where Yin and Yang is united and Re-Balanced using Qi Gong, Reiki and other Energetic modalities!
SPA (Sans per Aqua)...http://www.feelhealed.com/content/what-spa


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