C.H. - Pelican Bay, Naples
"Massage is a key component in controlling my fibromyalgia symptoms. Teo’s therapeutic techniques over the past seven years have helped maintain flexibility, greatly reduced pain and in general improved my wellbeing more than any other therapist I have worked with."

W.S.Regenold, Bonita Springs
"I have experienced the services of perhaps three dozen licensed massage therapists over the past 50 years.

Teo Nikolov has given me 5 or 6, weekly one and one & a half hour treatments over the past 5 or 6 weeks.

I have found this time spent with Teo to be the most pleasurable and rewarding.

He lets his fingers do the walking and he always finds and treats the area's that requires the most attention.

I have noticed that not only do I feel much better overall but I rest and sleep much better at night after his treatments.

He is not only one of the very best massage therapist I've ever had, but also a nice person."

E. S. Gomez
"Several months ago I was Referred to Teo due to a year long back problem that caused considerable pain. I had tried many other treatments including surgical procedures that did not work. With the help of Teo's massage therapy and kinesio taping I no longer limp or have pain.

I think Teo is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone including a family member or my best friend. He is not only a great therapist, he is a really nice person."

Barbara J. H. - Naples, FL
"To whom it may concern:

This is a testimonial for both person and a product!!!!!

Teo Nikolov of CURA Holistic Health is an extraordinary human as well as a great massage therapist.

He takes a very holistic approach to all of his endeavors in the field of therapy. He has been my massage therapist for many years now and I consider him a primary resource for all my health care needs (both physical and emotional). He constantly seeks and participates in available opportunities to hone his present skills as well as develop and offer new related opportunities to his clients.

One of the things that he took the time to show me was the “Kinesio Taping”. This proved to be quite timely and prophetic for me; I was involved in a rather interesting automobile accident that involved great deal of bruising and accompanying discomfort to my body. One of the areas, my shoulder, was severely and deeply bruised from basically my neck to just above my elbow.
Within 24 hours of the initial application of the “Kinesio” Tape the bruising had all but disappeared and my ability to comfortably use my arm had returned.

Out of curiosity we decided to leave some of the other areas that were equally but somewhat less painfully bruised alone as comparative test areas to see how much longer it would take for their discoloration and discomfort to exit. Needless to say it took the typical amount of time, approximately 10 days, for the untreated areas to return to both their natural color and comfort level.

Teo has the pictures which speak louder than words and I strongly suggest that, should the need arise, that you immediately call Teo to provide the desired and almost immediate relief."

Susie M.- Port Royal, Naples FL
"Our entire family has benefited from the private in home therapy offered by Teo Nikolov.For over 10 years, we have come to know Teo and enjoy his care and company.I prefer Deep Tissue treatments to control back pain.My husband likes lighter touch and stretching to care for sports injuries.Other family members find relief and relaxation with Teo's therapeutic massage.A gift certificate from Teo Nikolov is preferred gift for visitors and friends for all special occasions."

Daved Rosensweet MD
"In my opinion, massage therapy is one of those truly important and effective healing treatments. It helps restore our musculoskeletal structure and posture towards optimal. It does so while relaxing us, as well as helping our bodies experience profound pleasure. Teo Nikolov is a master massage therapist: I say this out of 40 years of experience with this modality and countless practitioners. He is a person of special integrity, a pleasure to know and work with, and a master at this work. As you can tell, he receives my highest recommendation: massage therapy session from Teo is a wonderful experience!"

Heather Helmick
Heather Helmick reviewed CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center by Teo-Ssage, Inc. — 5 star (https://www.facebook.com/heather.helmick.79/activity/598097760218256)
"Teo helped me out with some tremendous shoulder pain...forever grateful!". March 2013 .

Dr. Debi Lux
"DrDebi Lux reviewed CURA Holistic Health and Massage Center by Teo-Ssage, Inc. — 5 star"
."A true specialist in his profession."
(https://www.facebook.com/DrDebiStrand/activity/684902414986956). June 2015