Massage Table Buying Guide...or How to buy a Massage Table

How to buy a Massage Table

Massage Table Choosing/ How to Buy a Massage Table

I have been asked about this many times (being that i have been in this field since 1995 and have worked at international events including Winter and Summer Olympic Games-- i have seen many tables).

So i decided to write it down for your consideration BEFORE you buy a Massage Table.
My advise as to decide on buying a table based on the intended USE of the table rather han price!!!
You do not have to buy from me!!! (as if i am selling some).... Just hear me out:

If you would be using the table for home use - that is if you are going to give massages to a family member without charging them for it ---- any table is fine!!!!! Please, still READ AHEAD it will help you make your mind up.

If you are using the table for business --- meaning: you are going to charge for the therapy you provide (usually the public/customers) - and are LICENSED in the state you are going to do it!!.
--- i would get a table that has:

* a known origin;

* Durable leather or vinyl;

* sufficient "static" and 'work" load bearing;

* appropriate accessories for the kind of therapy you are intending to do (you might want to think about the future plans you have in your business --after all, it is great when a table lasts 10 plus years);

* house calls/office use?;
- does it have a cover/carry case;
- how heavy it is for transportation as you take it with you on house calls.
- does it fold in half for transportation.(portable tables do)

* stationary tables have other advantages

- double use --for facials with one side able to be raised to certain angle for facial/esthetics procedures.
- a spot for insertion of a foot scrub bucket of sort for foot soaks.

* color only matters to YOU!--- usually there is a sheet over it when you do the treatment!

* it can be designed with a shelf underneath.

* stationary lift tables: tables that can come up or down with a touch of a button/foot pedal. (many different ways to achieve that).

* Table Weight,Lenght and Width (on both stationary /with or without lift... and portable tables)

* type and thickness of padding (responsible for "comfort feel" level);

* Type of Facerst used: important!;

* Arm rest extensions;

there are portable tables that are 40 Lbs. and others that are 18 Lbs !!! i don't have to tell you the difference that it makes on your back the carrying of the one and the other!!!

in conclusion:
these are the things you will discuss with a professional that has worked in the business for a while and has tried a few different types of tables, and can give you their experienced opinion.

you do NOT Want to have a client experience a FALL from a collapsed table in your business (I am assuming neither you want that to happen to your family member)!!!

it is Best to see and feel the tables you purchase, best way to do that is to go to a professional convention. (prices are better too).

as of the time of this blog (Aug.2012)the prices for tables are between $100.00 and $3000.00 ( for used and new tables and packages).
i read somewhere :
"you are not that Rich to buy Cheap"

keep that in mind as a law suit due to "cheap" massage tables can be costly and most of all
i hope you have Others Health and Well being before Profit.!!!
was it Hippocrates that said:
"...First Do No Harm...."

please fell free to call me with any questions