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Integrative Massage Therapy

Integrative Massage Therapy combines many manual massage and energetic modalities [yes we can call them Somatic Therapy and Bodywork...and I will sound very sophisticated .. well, that is the same thing ....Soma: latin root of somatic (soma = body)]. This unique treatment can help alleviate stress through the use of touch therapy, reflective listening and energy work like QiGong Healing and Reiki.
Unlike your standard massage, integrative massage therapy allows you to take an active role in your treatment, touch is vital for the proper release of energy and healing.

New Office Location .Aug 2021 and Olympic Sports Massage Flash Backs.

As the Olympics are in their full swing this week I find myself drifting back to the years 2002 and 2004 when I worked as a Sports Massage Therapist at the Winter and Summer Olympic Games!
It is just as coincidence that i once again get closely affiliated with sports and exercising and the rehabilitation and sports massage as part of the athlete's training regimen.

Yes I am Open.Post COVID-19

Yes I Am Open for Appointments past covid-19!
I am following the (ever-changing) directions of CDC and my state licensing body!
Yes I wear a mask during the session and have masks available for you if you do not have your own!
I have always been a stickler for cleanliness and even before covid-19 I have had a table and face rest covers that are surgical grade impermeable - so I can disinfect them
between clients/patients! (After removing the fitted and cover sheet that has just been used...I know someone will ask about the order of things here:) ).

our new location. as of February 2018._picture_1

here it is- my new office location!
finally have settled on a location for my office and it is located at:

4947 Tamiami Trail N.
Suite 204
Naples FL. 34103

Liberty plaza.

In "Holistic Clinic "

(across US 41 from Outback Steakhouse! West side of US 41)

So come on and visit the new location and Feel Healed after a custom designed treatment!