The secret to Change workshop with Bruce Ham LMT PHD

Bruce Ham Holistic Health Presents:


Are you living your dream?
Are you entirely satisfied and happy with your life?
Everyone finds one or another aspect they would like to change
about themselves and their life.
The question is just HOW? Why is change so difficult?
Many times we build our own road blocks, manifested in old patterns and habits, that we are sometimes not even consciously aware of.
The path to change and happiness is through re-programming our sub-conscious mind and erasing these road blocks.
November 8, 2014,

1:00 to 5:00pm
PB Light Center
2121 Heritage Trail
Naples, FL 34112
Seating is limited, 15 spaces left!!!
Please register by email or call 239-450-4325 (leave message if no answer)
Make payment at door!

Make check payable to: Bruce Ham
Re—program your sub—conscious mind
And achieve happiness!

Topics are:
*Learn how to balance and ground yourself.
Be able to protect yourself against negative energies.

*Identify your own negative thoughts and patterns through Kinesiology testing.

*Why is changing old habits so hard? Understand the reason behind it.
Find out where your belief system comes from.

*Acquire techniques to re-program your subconscious mind and help relieve chronic problems.

[email protected]
Teo at 239-450-4325 (leave message if no answer will call you back ASAP)

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