Yes I am Open.Post COVID-19

Yes I Am Open for Appointments past covid-19!
I am following the (ever-changing) directions of CDC and my state licensing body!
Yes I wear a mask during the session and have masks available for you if you do not have your own!
I have always been a stickler for cleanliness and even before covid-19 I have had a table and face rest covers that are surgical grade impermeable - so I can disinfect them
between clients/patients! (After removing the fitted and cover sheet that has just been used...I know someone will ask about the order of things here:) ).
As you see in the picture I use a UV"C" light to disinfect everything that the light touches between patients/clients for about 15-20 minutes .
Yes that does increase my "down" time for the day leaving 30-45 minutes between bookings for cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
No, I am Not charging more for that.
Yes I am Taking contact less temperature of myself and every patient/client i see in my treatment room.
I advise them to wait in their cars until i call them in .
I am also using contact less hand sanitizer dispenser upon entry/exit of my office.
All cleaners and disinfectants are EPA registered and hand sanitizer is of minimum 62% (or higher...up to 90% alcohol) as directed by the health authorities.

Life goes on post pandemic and so Must We - Go On!
People need to be touched professionally now more than ever after this past and continuing Physical Distancing!