New Office Location .Aug 2021 and Olympic Sports Massage Flash Backs.

As the Olympics are in their full swing this week I find myself drifting back to the years 2002 and 2004 when I worked as a Sports Massage Therapist at the Winter and Summer Olympic Games!
It is just as coincidence that i once again get closely affiliated with sports and exercising and the rehabilitation and sports massage as part of the athlete's training regimen.
As of August 1 2021 i have moved my office within "Fitness Inside &Out". It is in the same plaza where i have been for the last 4 years, just in a different building and it is on the 1st floor.
I am looking forward to working with the Physical therapists and the exercise physiologists as well as the high end Personal Trainers that are in this great gym in helping their clients achieve the desired fitness and mobility goals.
New address is:
4949 Tamiami Trail N.
Suite 107
Naples FL. 34103