End of the World...or how we Survived!


Well ... it is 12.12.12 and i am writing this.

So i guess we are alive (if you are reading this blog post)!

Many people equate today's date with 12.21.12.The energy carried by the numbers is the same.and the Mayan calendar is the source of this misconception...or better said our modern culture's interpretation of it.

"December 21 2012 is NOT the end of the Mayan Calendar, but simply the end of one b’ak’tun. A baktun is 20 katun cycles of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar and contains 144,000 days, equal to 394.26 tropical years."

"Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the world ending on Friday, 21 December 2012. I guarantee you will wake up on Saturday morning feeling fine, or a little hung-over."

i agree with these statements, i also herad that the mayan calendar does not "end" its just the carvers run out of space on that stone that this calendar is chiseled on.!!! :-)

what if there was another 2-3 plates with explanations (they never made it to our time--not that we know of).

I hope you did not spend all your savings last week and did NOT send a nasty email to your boss last nite before midnight (you might be fired today).


I also Hope You did think about how fragile our existence is and how we are all interconnected on the planet Earth!

I hope you Smile More from now on and

Are nicer to your Brother/Sister Humans even when they are from a DIFFERENT (than your own) :

Race , Religious Belief, Team, Party, Lesser Fortune or Sexual Orientation.

Treat ALL with Respect!


Make Sure You tell your Loved ones how much you appreciate them and you love them Daily (a few times a day).

Have a Professional Therapeutic Massage Session at least Once a Month to counteract the daily stress in our life.Holistic Health is the answer.

Have a Happy, Healthy Week!


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