"I'm interested in 30 minute massages, not longer. Do you offer them?"


Unless I know the person's body from previous massage sessions, I generally do not do 30 min massages.
However, being open minded I encourage the Client/Patient to tell me why they have chosen the 30 minutes mark instead of 23 minutes or 42 minutes, maybe I can see the need for a 30 minutes session.
If you know your body and it's response to massage therapy--and its many modalities--- then "yes" we can do 30 minutes!
I find that the 60 minutes session gives me and you more time to try and see what approach will your body respond to better.
There is always the possibility of therapist or client trying to "cram" a 90 minutes of work into 30 minutes session. I don't like that approach.
That would be bad for the Therapist, because injury is more likely to occur due to the "rush" component where body mechanics are not proper and bad for the Client/Patient injury due to missing/misinterpreting body clues while trying to do the treatment fast.
After all a Massage Therapy session is not a race!
With the exclusion of Sports Massage where you have a different aim with therapy based on the need,
a.e. Pre-Event;Intermediate;Post-Event Massage .
If you only request your neck and shoulders treated, then a 30 minutes is a valid option!
I assume that if a Massage Therapy provider just wanted to make the "sale" (make money) they would agree to any time slot without considering the reason behind it.

I have done 30 minutes sessions.If that is determined after a consultation with the Patient/Client or prescribed by a Physician.
I hope this explains the reasons why I do not answer your question with simple YES / NO only.