office Update .... COVID-19

Hello Everyone!

On Friday, March 20, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-72, regarding non-essential elective medical procedures.
the Part that concerns my office is here:
"A. All hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, office surgery centers, dental, orthodontic and endodontic offices, and other health care practitioners’ offices in the State of Florida are prohibited from providing any medically unnecessary, non-urgent or non-emergency procedure or surgery which, if delayed, does not place a patient’s immediate health, safety, or well­ being at risk, or will, if delayed, not contribute to the worsening of a serious or life-threatening medical condition. Accordingly , all health care practitioners licensed in the State of Florida, including dentists, shall immediately cease performing
these elective services."
I am guided by the Hippocratic Oath, an ethical principle, that above all else, I must “first do no harm”. We have been taught to weigh the benefit against the risk of any treatment, with the goal of only treating clients/patients when the benefit outweighs that risk.
As much as I and my Clients/Patients believe that the Therapeutic Massage they receive is Essential to their health our Governor effectively shut ALL Licensed Massage Therapists practices DOWN! (Executive Order 20-72)
From the medical research it is clear that a person can be carrier and not display (ever / or mild) COVID-19 symptoms, it was morally my duty to shut down my practice as nobody has "corona virus x-ray vision" to be able to tell who has it and who does not!
I want to ensure your safety and that of my family!
My office has been closed for business as of March .14.2020 (as well as House-calls and Business out-calls).
We are ALL in this Together and we will make it thru Together!
I don't like the term "Social distancing" for the simple reason that it actually is "Physical distancing"!
We have actually become closer "socially", I think as we spend more time on social media and video chatting to friends and family.
Take this time in Physical Isolation you have "found" to finish a project you always wanted and always said "I have no time".
Call a friend or a loved one and chat with them, see how they are doing.
Let me know if I can help you by texting or calling me, for my existing clients - we can do a video chat ; zoom video session or talk about a muscular pain that has re-appeared in your body or a stretch that you might have forgot how to do!
There is possibility to do distance sessions within the Qi Gong and Reiki healing systems.
For new clients - the above mentioned ways might take longer as I do not know your body and its aches and pains.
Have a Happy and Healthy Day!