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20th Anniversary Promotion - $25.00 OFF Regular price

In July and August 2015.
Celebrating 20th Anniversary Since I started practice as massage therapist,
Receive $25 OFF regular price, when you purchase your therapeutic session!
please email or call me and that would be your confirmation of special pricing discount!

Phone :239-450-4325 (HEAL)

for email contact: please go to my website and fill in the fields at:


Nicotine kills bone!

Another reason why I don't smoke!!

World Spine Day is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the backbone of our health. Our spine is quite literally a central core to our well being. If you’ve ever had any back pain, you’ll know how immobilizing and painful it can be.

Our sedentary life-style does very little to help our posture and improve bone health. Common spinal disorders include back pain, neck pain, scoliosis and disc disease. These all have an effect on our ability to work, enjoy life, sleep and relax.