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End of the World...or how we Survived!


Well ... it is 12.12.12 and i am writing this.

So i guess we are alive (if you are reading this blog post)!

Many people equate today's date with 12.21.12.The energy carried by the numbers is the same.and the Mayan calendar is the source of this misconception...or better said our modern culture's interpretation of it.

High blood pressure (hypertension) and Massage Therapy

"One study found that people with hypertension who got massage had lower blood pressure and steroid hormones, an indicator of stress."

Hypertension is a condition without symptoms, in which Consistent abnormally high pressure in the arteries increases the risk for stroke, aneurysm, heart failure, heart attack and kidney damage.
The current US standards for normal and high blood pressure are:
NORMAL: Systolic - less (<) 120mm HG/Diastolic -less (<) than 80mm Hg.

What is SPA

Is it SPA or not??!

Have you noticed how in the last 10 years everything is getting more Spa-like...or at least has a SPA added to it??

Auto Spa; Pet Spa; Boat Spa.....and many more (you have seen them probably).

SPA (Sans per Aqua)...direct/indirect translation (depending on who translates it from Latin or Spanish) as
"Health By Water". There can be other translations that are similar but i like this one as near perfect explanation.