Sports Massage

Massage Table Buying Guide...or How to buy a Massage Table

How to buy a Massage Table

Massage Table Choosing/ How to Buy a Massage Table

I have been asked about this many times (being that i have been in this field since 1995 and have worked at international events including Winter and Summer Olympic Games-- i have seen many tables).

So i decided to write it down for your consideration BEFORE you buy a Massage Table.
My advise as to decide on buying a table based on the intended USE of the table rather han price!!!
You do not have to buy from me!!! (as if i am selling some).... Just hear me out:

Teo Nikolov is one of FSMTA's Basic Sports Massage Instrucitor

Teo Nikolov teaches LMT's How to recognize sports-related injuries....

Since January 2012 Teo Nikolov was chosen to be one of 7 Sports Massage Instructors for Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA).
the role of Sports Massage Instructor is:
They are Responsible for presenting FSMTA's Pre & Post Event Sports Massage Training as outlined in the FSMTA Sports Massage Training Manual.
they Also give 4 FL credit hours to the LMT's they teach.
the outline of the training is:

Marco Island Half marathon 2012

Treating half marathon participants in Marco Island, March 18.2012

We had about 300 runners and the Sports Massage Was in Demand!

I ended up meeting with people that have never experienced Sports Massage Therapy and seasoned Sports Massage users that swear by it's power to make their training and recovery better!Pre-Event;Post-event and intermediate Sports Massage can be your secret weapon and can get you the "last ounce of power" to win in any athletic competition!
call me for more info on improving your training with sports massage at 239-450-4325.